Flamma® 594NA NHS ester

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Flamma Fluors 594NA NHS ester is a reactive form of bright yellow fluorescent dye that analogous to Texas Red and used to generate a stable fluorescence signal in bioimaging. The maxima of Ex/Em values are at 583/603 nm, similar to that of Texas Red-X. Flamma 594NA might be excited using 568 or 578 nm laser lines and displays excellent optical property. Flamma 594NA dye can be conjugated into low-abundance biomolecules or incorporated into oligonucleotide synthesis as a fluorescence label. NHS esters readily react with amino groups of proteins, i.e. the ε-amino groups of lysine, or amine terminus of modified nucleotides to form a chemically stable amide bond between dye and the biomolecule. We offer Flamma Fluors 594NA NHS ester for labeling of amino-modified oligonucleotide in solid phase oligonucleotide synthesis. 


Fluorophore: Flamma Fluors 594NA

Reactive group: NHS ester

Excitation/Emission Max.(nm): 583/603

Spectrally similar dyes: CAL Fluor Red 610, Texas Red-X

Extinction coefficient: ≥ 92,000 cm-1M-1

Appearance: Purple Solid

Molecular Weight: 817.95 g/mol   

Molecular Formula: C38H47N3O13S3

Solubility: DMF, DMSO

Storage conditions: -20 ℃, protect from light

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