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Protein/Antibody Labeling Kit

Flamma® Fluor Protein Labeling Kits from BioActs are designed for efficient labeling of antibody or protein with fluorescent materials. Due to strong absorption, high fluorescence quantum yield, and high photostability, Flamma® Fluor Vinylsulfones are selected as reactive dyes, and they maintain good fluorescence activity and stability after conjugated to biomolecules, allowing detection of low-abundance biological structures with great sensitivity. Vinylsulfone reactive group is selectively bind to the primary amines of proteins to create efficient dye-protein conjugates. The Labeling Kits are optimized for labeling 1 mg of antibody per reaction, and contain everything needed to perform the conjugation. Flamma® Fluors Protein Labeling Kits enable to perform the entire step from labeling to purification.


제품 분석표
Product Usage Description
Protein Labeling Kit링크이동 버튼 Availability : Labeling of protein with     fluorescent dyes Reacting Functionality : Protein or antibody labeling kit