Custom Service

BioActs provides a wide range of custom services, including Fluorescence Labeling, Organic Synthesis,
Oligonucleotide Synthesis and Labeling, Contracted Research, etc. Our tailored labeling service
covers for antibody, protein, nucleic acid small molecule, polymer, natural compound, etc

Based on rich experience in synthetic organic chemistry, BioActs offers custom organic synthesis service for both research and commercial applications. We can design and synthesize custom-ordered organic molecules, peptides, polymers, fluorescent labels, nanoparticles, enzyme substrates, etc. When a customer provides a specific synthetic protocol, we will follow the procedure, but we recommend allowing us the flexibility to make improvements. We will work with customers to assess initial feasibility and continue to the design and production of the material.
We will do our best to accommodate customers’ any special requests.

✓ Small organic compounds
✓ Microspheres
✓ Fluorescent dyes with defined spectral properties
✓ Fluorescence conjugated small molecules
✓ Enzyme substrates
✓ Fluorescent probes and sensors

Progress of the organic synthesis service

  1. When you submit the request form via fax or email, we will evaluate the feasibility of synthesis and notify you of our assessment.
  2. We will send you the quote if the organic synthesis is possible.
  3. The quotation includes cost of reagents and other cost for the completion of the service. Upon receiving the deposit for the reagents, we will start the organic synthesis.
  4. Please notice that an extra reagent cost might occur during the synthesis.
  5. Please be aware that an extra cost might occur when synthetic route is altered or extra reaction/purification steps are required during the synthesis.
  6. The basic analytical data for organic synthesis service are LC-MS and HPLC spectra, and an additional data i.e. NMR spectra might be subjected to extra charge.
  7. After delivery of synthesized compound along with analysis data, we will ask you for the payment option for the service (credit card, electronic transfer or tax invoice), and you can proceed the payment in your convenience.

 Please make sure that you should pay the reagent cost of the estimate sheet at first in order to proceed the synthesis. However, under some circumstances (academia, etc.) that customers cannot pay the cost in advance, then we can discuss for an alternative option.

 It is helpful to provide us with literature such as journal articles and patents for the ordered compound. We always do literature survey for our organic synthesis order, yet the information from the customers helps us to deliver fast estimate and to develop more reliable synthetic route.

 When proper literature procedure for synthesis is not provided to us, we will still let you know the feasibility of the synthesis within 3-working days.