About us

Technology based innovative life-science company committed to pursuing
for healthier and cleaner world

BioActs is a leading innovator committed to devoting for healthier world. Our dedicated team of researchers are enthusiastic to develop and to synthesize fluorescent materials for optical imaging and medical diagnostics and optical contrast agent for animal model study.

Based on a wealth of experience in design, development and the mass production in fluorescence, BioActs has produced high quality of functional dyes and fluorescent biomaterials for a variety of applications such as fluorescent optical imaging probes for in vitro and in vivo study, near-infrared dyes for biomedical diagnostics and contrast agents for small animal imaging.

Our efforts are recognized by both domestic and overseas research institutes, universities and corporates, and our products are being utilized in a variety of basic and applied researches in the fields of biochemical, biomedical and pharmaceutical. We are passionate about providing customers with our unparalleled experience that helping to solve critical issues especially impacting the diagnostics, discovery and analytic solutions.

Our innovative research and service capabilities, combined with deep market knowledge and expertise, help customers gain an accurate insights to advance research.

  • Fluorescence
    Dyes & Probes
  • Cell/Tissue
  • In Vitro
  • Optical Imaging
    for Animal

BioActs values our investors and employees as the top priority, and we strive to leap into a novel life science company. We collaborate with many domestic universities, research institutes and hospitals such as Seoul National, Korea, Yonsei and Hanyang University, KAIST, KIST, GIST, POSTECH, and Seoul, Kyungpook Chonnam National Hospital and Asan Medical Center. We also work in partnership with overseas research institutes such as NIH, UCL, Purdue and Utah University and University of Washington for conducting cooperative research to develop optical imaging probes for biochemical, biomedical research and clinical diagnostics. In conjugation with our collaborators and business partners, we are eager to provide advanced solutions for life science researchers.

Our mission is to support our customers speeding up research, solving critical issues, improving clinical diagnostics and increasing research productivity. Together with our cooperators, we are seeking to be a true strategic partner of our customers. BioActs always tries to find our customers’ research and business challenges and to develop innovations for those needs. We are enthusiastic to collaborative with customers to discover insights for improving lives and world.