BioActs offers the full spectrum of fluorescent dyes such as FSD FluorTM, Flamma® Fluors, ICG, and Other Dyes,
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Fluorescent Dyes - FSD Fluor™

FSD Fluor™ is a new generation of dye series with superb fluorescence intensity and high quantum yield comparing to traditional dyes. The fluorescence intensity after binding to biomolecules such as antibody, nucleotide, and protein maintains still excellent, FSD Fluor™ series is ideal for variety of biochemical and biological analytical applications with a less amount of dye conjugate. FSD Fluor™ series equipped with a variety of reactive groups and covers the full fluorescence spectral range from UV to NIR, hence the series is ideal for any applications in fluorescence spectroscopies and biological studies. With superior fluorophores and the wide spectral range, FSD Fluor™ dyes are suitable for every filter and are designed to meet the requirements for complex detection in the field of life science research.

-    Superior fluorescence intensity than any other spectrally similar dyes

-    Maintaining excellent fluorescence after conjugated to biomolecules, surpassing that of any other spectrally similar fluorophore

     conjugated biomolecules.

-    Higher quantum yield comparing to traditional dyes

-    Equipped with variety of reactive group

-    Covering the full fluorescence spectral range from visible to NIR


Figure 1.   Fluorescence intensity comparison of FSD Fluor™ and other dyes


Figure 2.   Fluorescence intensity comparison in varying dye/protein ratio


Figure 3.   Immunofluorescence comparison of dye-antibody conjugates and photostability test of fluorescent secondary antibodies