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ICG Dyes

ICG is clinically approved NIR dye and used in medical diagnostics, in vitro, vivo and animal model study. NIR fluorescence allows to observe the deep image from the surface of skin and its usage spreads to a wide range of research fields. ICG fluorescence method is safe and cost effective technique and used in a wide range of medical fields such as breast cancer sentinel lymph node navigation, detecting cerebral vessels, coronary arteries and biliary trees, tracking tumor location, detecting small HCC, etc. The method has several advantages such as radiation free, compact instrumentation, real-time monitoring, easy operation, etc. The maximum excitation/emission values of ICG are 785/821 nm. When ICG is injected into a human body, it rapidly bound to plasma protein, mainly high-density lipoprotein, and generates red-shifted fluorescence (845 nm). ICG in aqueous solution is unstable over time, thus the fresh solution should be used for effective trials. BioActs provides ICG dye for biological research and medical diagnostics and also offers various reactive and functionalized ICG dyes for labeling of antibodies, peptides, proteins and ligands.


Table 1.  ICG dye applications



Figure 1Structure of ICG dye



Figure 2. In Vivo Imaging of clinical ICG dye under mouse model  

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Product Usage Description
ICG Dye링크이동 버튼 Availability : Fluorescence labeling       & NIR imaging Reacting Functionality : Indocyanine green dyes