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ROS Detection Probes

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) plays important roles in various cellular signal transductions in physiological processes as well as pathological effects. It has shown that H2O2 is the main reactive oxygen species (ROS) in redox signaling during cell proliferation and apoptotic process. Thus, quantitative analysis of endogenous H2O2 might to be a useful tool for understanding cell physiology. BioActs developed a ROS reactive fluorescence probe NpFlamma® ROS 380 as an efficient detecting tool for fast, sensitive and selective imaging of low level H2O2 generated during various cellular processes.


NpFlamma® ROS 380 comprised of a physical assembly of H2O2 reactive fluorophore and catalytic additive into an amphiphilic stabilization colloid. This versatile reactive nanoparticle is hardly fluorescent in inactivated state yet displays a strong red-shifted emission upon oxidized by H2O2. The maxima of Excitation/emission are at 380/450 nm. Since the emission is achieved by a chemical reaction, the interference between background fluorescence and the excitation light irradiation cannot occur. NpFlamma® ROS 380 allows a real-time imaging of low-level H2O2 involved in cellular processes along with oxidative stress. We offer NpFlamma® ROS 380 as a quantitative H2O2 selective fluorescence probe for biological and physiological analysis involving oxidative cell processes.


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Product Usage Description
NpFlamma® ROS링크이동 버튼 Availability : ROS detection Reacting Functionality : Quantitative H2O2 selective fluorescence probe