Custom Service

BioActs provides a wide range of custom services, including Fluorescence Labeling, Organic Synthesis,
Oligonucleotide Synthesis and Labeling, Contracted Research, etc. Our tailored labeling service
covers for antibody, protein, nucleic acid small molecule, polymer, natural compound, etc

Contract Research Service for Device Analysis, Cell and Animal Experiment

BioActs provides a wide range of contract research services for instrumental analysis, cellular, and animal experiment to life science and drug discovery. Our expertise covers many aspects of molecular biology, in vitro and in vivo assays, and animal model study. We are committed to bring partners the best in creative problem evaluating, enabling to innovate with confidence, and maximizing the experiment output. Together, we will leverage our strong network of technological alliance with both domestic and international research institutes to provide accurate analytical results to our clients. In addition, BioActs offers other contract research services such as chemical purchasing, custom synthesis, fluorescence labeling, and instrumental analysis.

Contract research service for instrumental analysis

    ▶ Analysis and chromatographic purification: analysis and purification using HPLC, MPLC, etc.
    ▶ Optical analysis: measurements of absorption and excitation intensity, molar extinction, quantum yield, Dye/Protein ratio, etc.
    ▶ Structural analysis: Structure and purity analysis for materials: LC/MS, HRMS, NMR, etc.
    ▶ Data analysis by our technological alliances

Contracted research service for cell experiment

    ▶ Performing cell experiments on behalf of a client using various analytical instruments

Animal experiment service

    ▶ Performing animal test on behalf of a customer by networking between BioActs and external organizations such as IVIS, FOBI, etc.