Custom Service

BioActs provides a wide range of custom services, including Fluorescence Labeling, Organic Synthesis,
Oligonucleotide Synthesis and Labeling, Contracted Research, etc. Our tailored labeling service
covers for antibody, protein, nucleic acid small molecule, polymer, natural compound, etc

BioActs is looking for business partners who share our passion for pursuing common prosperity. The goal for our partnership and licensing efforts is flexible yet reliable cooperation within partnership parties by utilizing mutual capabilities, expertise, and resources. Our business development and licensing team tries continually to help our partners to develop and market new products. BioActs has a rich experience in ODM/OEM commercial supply business. Our accumulated R&D experience, comprehensive quality management, along with proud manufacturing processes enable us to produce the high quality products and develop innovative solution for partners in life science and in vitro and in vivo diagnostics business. We thoroughly understands the unique nature of ODM/OEM requirements and work together with our partners in every process of the business development and marketing.

Our ODM/OEM commercial supply business including

    ▶ R&D cooperation.
    ▶ Licensing-in, licensing-out.
    ▶ Product development collaboration.
    ▶ ODM/OEM production of products.
    ▶ Commercial partnerships.
    ▶ Distribution.

Please submit request form for consultation to

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