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qFlamma® Quenchers

Dark quenchers are substances that absorb excitation energy from a fluorophore and dissipate the energy as heat without any native fluorescence. The combination of a fluorescent dye and quencher may act as an on/off switch of fluorescence that the original fluorescence might be restored as the distance between them increases or when their connection is cleaved. In conjunction with fluorophores, dark quenchers are regarded as key components in designing FRET probes, in protease activity assays, nucleic acid hybridization, PCR, etc. The main advantage of dark quencher is the non-emissive excitation and elimination of background fluorescence. BioActs developed a new generation of azo-anthraquinone derivative dark quenchers, qFlamma® quenchers, to overcome issues associated with existing dark quenchers such as stability, quenching ability and water solubility.

The absorbance peaks of qFlamma® quenchers completely cover spectral range from visible to near-infrared (NIR) that all of commercially available fluorescent dyes can be effectively quenched. The quenchers display high absorption coefficient together with excellent quenching ability, superb stability and aqueous solubility so that it can easily manipulated in aqueous buffers. The four of qFlamma® quenchers (Black 01, Red, Blue and Orange) series cover the electromagnetic spectrum from 400 nm to NIR region and provides excellent spectral overlap across the entire range of known fluorescent dyes. The complete spectral overlap of qFlamma® quencher series along with their variety of reacting groups enable to design single-tube multiplexing assay system owing their capability for efficient quenching and the preventing cross-talking between dyes. BioActs offers qFlamma® quenchers as universal dark quenchers for the construction of a variety of hybridization and custom-synthesized probes incorporated spectrally paired fluorophores and quenchers for multiplexed bio-analysis, PCR, nucleic acid hybridization, and high-throughput imaging assays.


-   Completely dissipate fluorescent energy without native fluorescence

-   Can quench all of commercially available fluorescent dyes

-   High absorption coefficient, excellent quenching ability, superb stability and aqueous solubility

-   High purity and compatible with most of biomolecules.


Types of qFlamma® Quenchers


Figure 1.  Absorption spectra of 4 qFlamma® quenchers with emission maxima of commonly used fluorescent dyes.

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Product Usage Description
qFlamma® Black01 quencher링크이동 버튼 Availability : Fluorescence quencher reagent Reacting Functionality : Reactive quencher dyes