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News and Notice
News and Notice
NO Title Date
알림아이콘 알림아이콘 - BioActs Research Reward Promotion - 파일유무 아이콘 2022-12-14
알림아이콘 알림아이콘 신주배정 공고문 2022-09-20
알림아이콘 알림아이콘 Free International Shipping Promotion Notice 파일유무 아이콘 2020-03-20
알림아이콘 알림아이콘 Shipping Policy 2019-10-10
63 Participated in Dubai Medlab Exhibition 2023 파일유무 아이콘 2023-02-02
62 2022 Price Change Notice 2021-12-27
61 Free International Shipping Promotion Notice 2019-11-28
60 [Aju Business Daily] Incheon city is reborn as the Korea version of Silicon Valley 2019-11-26
59 [NewsMaker] Gimhae City, attracting investment from the designated step of Small Giants Special Zone 'Activity' 파일유무 아이콘 2019-11-26
58 [Gukjenews] Presidential Science and Technical Advisor Gong-ju Lee visited Gimhae Kang-So Special R&D District 파일유무 아이콘 2019-11-26