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What service and products does BioActs provide

BioActs is a R&D company, which produces fluorescent reagents for biochemical labeling, cell analysis, in-vivo imaging, antibody, nucleic acid labeling, peptides, fluorescent probes, nanoparticles and beads. Also, BioActs provide unique customer service in R&D and manufacturing dyes, which includes fluorescent labeling, organic synthesis, oligonucleotide synthesis, etc. This unique service is provided to make specific & necessary material for customer’s own purpose.


Which things should be considered when I choose fluorescent dye

Basic parameters you should consider are excitation/emission spectrum, quantum yield, molecular weight, reactive group, extinction coefficient, etc. Also, if user is planning to do in-vivo experiment, we recommend NIR spectrum of dyes for deep tissue penetration and minimum autofluorescence.

Why NIR dyes are frequently used for in-vivo experiment

NIR dyes are frequently used for in-vivo experiment due to deep tissue penetration and minimum autofluorescence (background signal) characteristics. Also, because of NIR equipment development, live animal experiment with NIR dyes becomes popular among researchers.