NpFlamma® MMP-13 774

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NpFlamma® MMP-13 774 is a NIR dye-incorporated MMP-activatable chitosan nanoparticle (CNP) that enables to selectively detect tumor cells. The probe comprises Flamma® Fluor 774 dye that connected to a quencher through a MMP-13 cleavable peptide, and the peptide is chemically conjugated to CNP. Flamma® Fluor dyes display strong absorption, high fluorescence quantum yield and high photostability, and they maintain good fluorescence activity and stability after conjugated to biomolecules. The maxima of Ex/Em values are at 793/810 nm. BioActs offers NpFlamma® MMP-13 774 as a smart fluorescent probe for monitoring MMP-related diseases such as cancer progression, invasion and metastasis, rheumatoid arthritis, pulmonary diseases and areas of cardiovascular disease, and also for evaluating the potential therapeutic efficacy of drugs targeting for these diseases. 


Fluorophore: Flamma® Fluors 774

Probe type: Activatable by MMP-13

Application: In vivo imaging 

Particle size: 250 ± 50 nm

Excitation/Emission Max.(nm): 793/810 

Appearance: Green Solid  

Storage conditions: 4 ℃, protect from light

Citation & Reference

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