Dextran (10K), Flamma® 749

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Dextran (10K) Flamma® 749 is a fluorescent dextran that 10000 dalton dextran is conjugated with Flamma® 749. Fluorescent dextran conjugates are being utilized in a variety of biological studies such as cell lineage tracing in live cells, intercellular communication examination, vascular permeability, tracking endocytosis, and blood–brain barrier integrity. Dextran (10K) can be transported over long distance and can be applied to cut and fix nerves and brain tissues. Dextran (10K), Flamma® 749 might be utilized in a range of biochemical and biomedical applications, including for analyzing fluid-phase endocytosis, for tracing cell lineage, for examining intercellular communications, and for investigating vascular permeability and blood–brain barrier integrity. 


Fluorophore: Flamma® 749

Application: Neural tracing, cell lineage tracing, tracking endocytosis

Excitation/Emission Max.(nm): 749/774 nm

Storage conditions: -20 ℃, protect from light

Citation & Reference

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