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Dichlorotriazine-PEG8B-COOH is a mono-functionalized PEG-based crosslinker that one end of octaethylene glycol derivative is activated as dichlorotriazine and can be used in a range of biological research fields. PEG crosslinkers are hydrophilic and does not penetrate cell membrane and beneficial to transfer their hydrophilic spacer to the crosslinked biomolecule thereby reducing the potential of aggregation and precipitation of the complex. Dichlorotriazines can react with polysaccharides and other alcohols in basic environment. Functionalized crosslinkers are one of well-known protein modification reagents that having a variety of applications in life science research and assay development.  


Reactive group: Dichlorotriazine

Molecular Weight: 814.71 g/mol

Solubility: Water, DMF, DMSO

Storage conditions: -20 ℃

Citation & Reference

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