ICG Hydrazide

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ICG Hydrazide is a carbonyl group-reactive near infrared (NIR) fluorescent dye and used to generate a stable fluorescence signal in bioimaging. NIR fluorescence allows to observe the deep image from the surface of skin and being utilized in a wide range of research fields. The maxima of Ex/Em values are at 785/821 nm. ICG might be excited using 750-800 nm laser line or LED and displays excellent optical property. Hydrazides can label aldehyde and ketone through reductive amination reaction to form an imine linkage. The main labeling target for hydrazides are free reducing sugars on biomolecules, and prior to conjugation, primary and secondary alcohols on polysaccharide and glycoprotein are usually oxidized to aldehyde and ketone. We offer ICG hydrazide for labeling of polysaccharide, glycoprotein and other biomolecules bearing aldehyde or ketone. 


Fluorophore: ICG

Reactive group: Hydrazide

Excitation/Emission Max.(nm): 785/812

Extinction coefficient: ≥ 100,000 cm-1M-1

CF280: 0.05

Appearance: Green Solid

Molecular Weight: 744.98 g/mol

Solubility: DMF, DMSO

Storage conditions: -20 ℃, protect from light

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