NpFlamma® HGC 648

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NpFlamma® HGC 648 is a red dye-incorporated chitosan based amphiphilic nanoparticle that enables to selectively detect tumor cells. Flamma® Fluor dyes display strong absorption, high fluorescence quantum yield and high photostability, and they maintain good fluorescence activity and stability after conjugated to biomolecules. The maxima of Ex/Em values are at 648/663 nm. NpFlamma® HGC 648 enables to observe non-invasive images of cancer metastases and to contrast blood vessel. We offer NpFlamma® HGC 648 as an effective fluorescence agent for in vivo imaging of angiography and tumor progression. 


Fluorophore: Flamma® Fluors 648

Application: In vivo imaging

Particle size: ~250 nm

Excitation/Emission Max.(nm): 648/663 

Appearance: Blue Solid  

Storage conditions: 4 ℃, protect from light

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