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Micro-CT Contrast Agents

Fenestra® Imaging Agents

Fenestra® is a licensed technology that solves several key problems associated with micro-CT imaging. This biochemically activated emulsion is comprised of iodinated lipids that provide contrast enhancement and a novel oil-in-water lipid emulsion that selectively localizes the lipids for small animal imaging. The unique Fenestra® formulation is biodegradable and completely eliminated by hepatocyte metabolism.


Fenestra® VC

Fenestra VC contrast agent is used for vascular and hepatobiliary imaging small laboratory animals for research. It is a specialized version of Fenestra LC in which the surface of the lipid emulsion particles is modified with DSPE-PEG which blocks the interaction with APO-E thus enabling preclinical angiography by delaying the targeted uptake by hepatocytes of the lipid spheres. Like its liver-selective counterpart, Fenestra VC is eventually metabolized and eliminated through the hepatobiliary system.


Fenestra® LC
Fenestra LC is a polyiodinated triglyceride emulsion which provides visualization of the hepatobiliary system by exploiting the endogenous lipid metabolism pathways present in the body. Fenestra LC mimics chylomicron remnant particles and thereby localizes the contrast-producing lipids it contains into the hepatic parenchyma.  Because the uptake and clearance profiles of the lipid molecules are determined by the metabolic status of extracellular and intracellular liver lipases, Fenestra LC provides the ability to assess both hepatobiliary anatomy as well as liver function by CT imaging.


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